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Ielts writing task 2/ ielts essay: you should spend about 40 minutes on this task many people like to wear fashionable clothes why do you think this is the case is this a good thing or a bad thing. Humans began wearing clothing about 83,000 to 170,000 years ago, probably in order to protect us from the elements, as well as being an ornament or fashion statement used to show your personality during the elizabethan era, clothing was used as a display of wealth and prosperity. Essay 64 writing task 2: you should spend about 40 minutes on this task write about the following topic: wearing fashionable clothes leading to a positive. Essay on the advantages of school uniforms each other based on whose wearing what with the financial stress of buying fashionable and expensive clothes, and. Ielts essay correction: people like to wear fashionable clothes following latest fashion trends and wearing nice apparel for self satisfaction is acceptable.

{jcomments on}wearing fashionable clothes is becoming important today is the attitude to wearing fashionable clothes leading to a positive development or negative development fashion has never been out of fashion. Clothing in my life essay in the life of every teenager all over the world, clothing plays an important role in its social class, ranking, confidence and appeal clothes define who we are more or less and we all tend to be identified by others with a certain social group/class because of our. First and foremost, wearing fashionable clothes might give rise to financial burden to consumers most fashionable clothes are directed to teenagers until middle age groups, especially those teenagers.

Now fashion shows are being organized even in smaller towns and children as young as three years want to wear the latest model clothes all of these are signs of the growing influence of fashion industry. Style and fashion of the 1920's: essay the roaring 20's was a time of fashion new styles and trends were emerging all the time flappers were the trendy young women of the time while sheiks were the fashionable young men of the time. Here are some advantages: wearing stylish, yet clean-cut tailored clothes can cause others to take you more seriously in the office.

Many people like to wear fashionable clotheswhy do you think this is the caseis this a good thing or bad thing essay i believe wearing fashionable clothes is a. Consider the overall get up and design of the clothes you would wear before finally ordering and buying the appropriate fashion jewelry for you the advantage of wearing fashion jewelry the first and primary advantage of wearing fashion jewelry is its relative low cost. Should school uniforms be banned essay b given that it is a universal practice to wearing uniforms that arise out of arguments over fashionable clothes it. The young and the young at heart wear jeans, t-shirts, capris, bermudas and various kinds of casual clothing, which are the trendsetters of fashion in india comparing the past and the present, fashion for people in india has changed over the decades. For example, fur has gone out of fashion to the extent of being illegal, while tartans remain ever as fashionable as they always have been regional styles are interesting to study as they can be effectively compared across the country, eg: rural/urban wear.

Essay on school uniform students wearing expensive or fashionable clothes might become victims of theft, or certain fashion accessories or attire may be used as. Teen fashion essays teen fashion is a big part of the fashion world today every week stores come out with many new clothes and accessories knowing that teens or the younger generation will take to them and buy them. Have you ever wondered why some people wear clothes that are more expensive than others the brand name of the clothes is nothing but a logo or slogan to give that clothing or store a name.

This doesn't sound like a description of clothing at all and yet the sentence shows the reader what the woman is wearing clothing descriptive fashion this is. Choice of clothing, especially with so many different options in fashion today, can tell a lot about a person wearing simple clothing and neutral colors all the time could mean that you are a simple, laid back person. It is argued that wearing branded clothes enhances the self confidence of an individual this notion was championed by a survey done by a leading magazine according to it, people who wore fashionable clothes on the day of the interview did better than those who wore regular attire.

  • Because all the people have the right to wear different kinds of fashionable clothes it is very stylish and comfortable to wear men tend to be liked more by women when they are well groomed.
  • Find long and short essay on fashion in english language for children and students both girls and boys are seen wearing beautiful fashionable clothes they are.
  • For 'women in clothes,' it's not what you wear, it can be hard to talk about clothes in an intelligent way fashion critic kennedy fraser once wrote in the new the book collects essays.

What is fashion for centuries individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornment as a form of nonverbal communication to i. Can you imagine wearing any of those clothes today of course, fashion goes in cycles and what was once popular might be popular again one day never say never. Following is an excerpted essay from a section in the of modesty, or simply are wearing the type of traditional clothes they feel comfortable in the fashion. Many people like to wear fashionable clothes why do yo.

essay wearing fashionable clothes How to write a description of fashion show outfits  it's easier if each model is wearing just one look  people like to hear fun facts about a beautiful piece. essay wearing fashionable clothes How to write a description of fashion show outfits  it's easier if each model is wearing just one look  people like to hear fun facts about a beautiful piece.
Essay wearing fashionable clothes
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